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College library is a quintessence of perennial source of knowledge. Library is well stocked with the numerous volumes of books, journals & magazines required for management education. Regular addition to this existing stock enriches the library and fulfils the knowledge quest of students & teachers alike.

Computer Lab

The College has established a high-speed campus-wide network and high configured systems that connects all its Departments. PCs provides the staff and students ready access to computing resources, services software and applications. The environment is tailored to the specific teaching/learning need of each Department.

All the departments in the campus are well connected with high speed PCs providing the staff & students ready access to the email, internet & department intranet through a leased line internet connectivity of 2mbps.

Class Room

The Centre has big, well-ventilated classrooms that can comfortably accommodate about 60 students each.
Each classroom is decked with advanced pedagogical tools such as Overhead Projectors, LCD’s, Audio Visual aids etc.

Seminar Hall

The college boasts one 120-seater seminar hall, and 6 classrooms. Seminar Hall has got the latest LCD projector and a Public Address System.

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