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Attendance Discipline


The students should attend at least 75% of the sessions run by the college, to be eligible for writing university examinations and government scholarships. There may be several good reasons for absence, but 75% attendance is mandatory. Prominent reasons for absence are marriage and other life processes, work, need for working, bad health and sickness, accidents, poverty, need for helping the poor and sick, and weak parents and other relatives, family functions etc. These reasons are not considered as good reasons for allowing the students to write examinations or recommending for scholarships.

Working Hours

The college working hours are between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Classes start from 9.30 a.m. and gates are also closed at 9.30 a.m. The holidays and vacations are as provided in the Osmania University calendar.

Dress Code

The dress consisting of a blazer, trousers, shirt, and a tie is mandatory which has to be put on from Monday to Friday. Besides, students should come in formal shoes but not any other footwear.


Students should not engage in any unlawful or undesirable activity that potentially damages the welfare and academics of the student himself, other students, and the institution.

Students should not leave for their homes or any other place during the time the classes are in session.
The students and the parents should sign an undertaking about the requirements of requirements.

Parents should be available during the admission process and the phone numbers of the parents provided by the parents and the students. Any change in the phone number should be immediately intimated to the college. The college sends intimations through SMS and emails also if the phone numbers and emails given by them are correct. Students should depend on the classroom communications and the notice board only but not on SMSs and emails since most persons don’t give correct phone number and email ids.

The college verifies the correctness of the parents’ and students’ phone numbers at the time of admission itself.

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